Did you hear?

pasco at enter.net pasco at enter.net
Wed Oct 17 04:46:29 PDT 2007

EXTO Announces US Launch Ahead Of Schedule!

Exit Only, Inc.

EXTO used Canada for it's market testing ground for an online used car
market that only charges for interested buyers. The US market being 1000
times larger than Canada's will put this company into a whole new level
of success. The key to the success in Canada was free listings with no
hidden costs. Sellers only pay $2 per lead, for the details of
interested buyers. Today's news announced the US version is ready ahead
of schedule and set to be released. EXTO has climbed over 100% since
Septembers news release, and now as this hits the US market it will
explode. Set your buy for EXTO first thing Wed morning.

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