Oct 18th World Update

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News From the Day, Oct 18th

Finance Reports:

Whole New Concept In Used Vehicle Market Ready To Launch

Exit Only Inc. ex t0

Exit Only first hit the market in Canada back in May of this year.
Websites that market used vehicles are not new to the internet. The new
concept here is allowing its clients to post vehicles to the database
without charge or hidden fees. Now sellers are only paying for the
contact information of actual interested buyers, and at only $2 per lead.

Interest Highlights:

- Initially marketed in Canada, response from consumers exceeded all
- The companies year end goals were met in just the first few months.
- The US version of the site is now ready to be released to the market.
- News in the last few weeks has released partnership agreements with
several online vehicle service sites for increased exposure.
- Exit is also providing mobile access for sellers. The system will
deliver real-time leads of buyer information directly to their mobile

The US market literally dwarfs the Canadian vehicle market, making the
potential for this site astronomical. Review any market data website for
more details.

News For The Planet:

Loggers, Greenpeace activists in Brazil standoff ---- RIO DE JANEIRO,
Brazil -- Hundreds of loggers and angry residents have surrounded eight
Greenpeace members who tried to leave an Amazon town with a scorched
tree trunk for an exhibit on global warming, the environmental group
said Wednesday. The activists are holed up in the makeshift headquarters
of the federal environmental agency in the town of Castelo dos Sonhos,
Greenpeace campaigner Andre Muggiati said. "They are still surrounded
and the situation is tense," he said by telephone. The region in the
Amazon state of Para is part of the so-called "arc of destruction," the
southern edge of the rain forest that has been devastated by loggers. In
2005, American missionary Dorothy Stang was shot dead in the region
during a land dispute. On Tuesday, the Greenpeace activists tried to
haul away a badly burned fallen tree trunk for an exhibit on global
warming in Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo, Muggiati said.

American Interest:

Prosecutor apologizes 12 years after bogus rape verdict ---- HOUSTON,
Texas -- A man who spent a dozen years in prison for a rape he didn't
commit was freed Tuesday, the third inmate to be released because of
problems with the Houston Police Department's crime lab. Wearing dark
clothes and carrying a red mesh gym bag and a paper sack containing his
belongings, Ronald Taylor greeted his family with warm embraces outside
the Harris County Jail. "It hasn't really sunk in. I'm just glad to see
my family," he said. His plans included eating shrimp, a delicacy he
missed in prison, and moving to Atlanta to marry Jeannette Brown, the
fiancee who has waited for him since the mid-1990s.

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