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Roderick Reid ancestoredwor57 at
Mon Apr 9 04:23:00 PDT 2012

Hello, dear subscribers!

Firstly we want to congratulate members with the Easter.

Surf's up on this deal... Get prepared to get blasted! Upcoming week is 
surely going to become extremely promising because of our new trade alert - 
T R_KP_. O_B!

Trading Date: Mon, April 9th
Current Price: .19
Target: 0.77

The stock became popular after latest news release:

Title handover of 180 000 metric tonnes of high grade coking coal into its 
wholly possesed subsidiary. Turkpower hopes to sell this entire inventory of 
180 000 metric tonnes of coking coal at spot price within Quarter 1 2012. 
This company's stock has almost 44% profit for last 4M. Next explosive press 
release coming on Monday morning. Thousands of shareholders already followed 
this stock because it is surely interesting mining company with a huge 
income potential and the serious assets.

Follow T R_KP_. O_B on April 9! This is must have asset in your portfolio!

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