How to Potentially earn 200%-500% on your Investment

Gerald Little cwright at
Thu Aug 9 08:58:06 PDT 2012

Attention $$$ Can you invest $500 now to pull down $10,000 just in a day or 
two? If your answer is Sure, then keep reading to see how to earn on this 
stock.. V_ND_B is of interest for the Wall Street, the trading volume was 
the record high all this week. The Big Boys are acquiring their shares, 
because they know 2 signs...

Secret 1: V_ND_B has reached an agreement with Hallmark (over $4 bln rev as 
of 2009), the spending on greeting cards is expected to reach over $30 
billions in the next 2 years.

Secret 2: V_ND_B will get funding and the stock price to get to $1.00. 

V_ND_B news releases:
Wednesday, 8th: "V_ND_B Sees The Opportunity in Greeting Card Business"
08.07.12: V_ND_B gets funded"
08.06.12: "Jung to advise, joins V_ND_B board"

We saw lots of shorting today, which kept down the price, but they are out 
now, the stock price cant be the same at the under 0.06 any more, so hurry 
up, buy it up. C'mon, do something real, go buying, you can afford to buy 
$500 of V_ND_B stock and cash out the PPS reaches the $1 target, what would 
one procure? Something that looks good - a million bucks

Start acquiring V_ND_B August 9th the earlier in the day, the better. Call 
your broker if you have one already, otherwise, register online.

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