Brand New Monster Pick Coming...

Gordon Rosa carolsue at
Fri Aug 10 14:59:34 PDT 2012

One can own a stock worth $1.80 for a low price of 0.05 , available now! You 
will get 3,600% on your investment, $100 will become $3,600! Interested? 
Read on!

V_NDB will be another Hallmark, Crown Media, a Hallmark's subsidary is now 
trading at $1.80. Hurry, once Vendum signs the contract the price will hit 
$1.80 right there!

Two days ago Vendum made it known about signing the contract with Hallmark, 
go read the news, now the time is ticking and investors buying V_NDB today 
profiting 3,600% returns, will be winners!

Go investing as much as you can and dont keep it a secret, tip your friends 
too. Have V_NDB added to your portfolio today. Also reminding that it takes 
5 mins to open a new trading account online if if there is such a need.

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