It continues to increase

Lazarus Baker tkudart111 at
Wed Aug 15 02:34:51 PDT 2012

The stock to make profits on: V_ND_B

"Shorters Started To Buy The Stock Back And The Price Settles at low 0.02. 
It's price-goes-up time again!!!"

To Keep In Mind
- The soon to be signed Hallmark($4bln) contract is is being ironed out.
- Their previous contractor now trades at $1.80.
- V_ND_B has been trading at $1.20 already too.

It's time to do it again, V_ND_B has the price target to reach: $1 this 
week, stop procrastinating, go buying V_ND_B to your port on Aug 15. Hit 
them up: E*TRADE, optionsXpress or similar.

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