You have to see this stock alert!

Jim Moss ball at
Sat Aug 11 23:24:33 PDT 2012

If You Have Already Profiting over 3,000% on Investment, Stop Reading. Also 
If You Don't Want To Make Quick $$$ on Monday, ABSOLUTELY Don't Look at 

VND_B is hitting a 3,000% volume growth today, a sign of major shorting 
activity, driving the stock price under its value it should be. To you it 
could mean that as soon as they start purchasing the stock up, the price 
would have to get up too, 3,000%. The moment to BUY IN can't be any better 
then Today!

Now the shorters need to start buying out the stock at the same rate as they 
short now, which is 3,000%. What else do you need to start investing? The 
price is under its value and one can profit top dollars if you obtain VND_B 
shares Mon, Aug 13.

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