Daily Market Movers

Cyrus Bowman dforrest10 at s-watcher.ru
Wed Mar 28 19:47:56 PDT 2012

Holy trading day!!! Tomorrow's Press release Will Have You Drooling With 
Excitement. IK C C. OB pricing and trading hits highest 3M trading volume! 
Gain of 42% yesterday modest but welcome to the next generation.

Trade date: March 29
Symbol: IK C C. OB
Today price: 0.155
Range: 0.13-0.18

Great Press release imminent! Great growth opportunity! Our palms are 
itching just thinking about making major profits fast with IK C C. OB and 
I'd like you to profit right along with us. Our alert for Thursday March 29, 
2012 is FACEUP GAMING - IK C C. OB, and the stock closed Wed at $.155. 
Besides it technical set-up, the company is in the Web Based gaming Casino 
Sweepstakes business. Trading volumes and pricing based on recent beta 
results of IK C C. OB, are providing the right mix of interest results and 
volatility to make your day!!! Recognizing the potential and demand 
Increasing Audience stemming from the online gaming segment. Look for 
awesome results on Thursday 29th 2012!

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