Big Moves for ...

Madge Winston josquin at
Sun Nov 11 11:19:30 PST 2012

The Hollywood shows their support to President Obama's re-election so, now 
Obama gives it back! Really big names like Jane Lynch, Zachary Quinto, 
Wanda Sykes, and George Takei!

All this stars are all faces for and represented by this: G_TRL

Ever heard of DreamWorks Animation, Cinemark or Imax? They are huge, with 
price per share above $100, they were not good on playing with Obama when 
it mattered. G_TRL gained from this moment, they were very noticeable at 
president's support in LA and now their shares will soar!

Company: Get Real USA
Ticker: G_TRL
Today Price: $.02
Short Term Target Price: .29

There are experts who say G_TRL to reach 29 cents this week. 
Basically, G_TRL is doing well by making big-names movies. This is a $31 
billion market and helped by Obama they can capture a more than before! 
Companies that support president's elections get huge paybacks, G_TRL will 
bypass all their competition within 1 month. JUST RELEASED 9-11-2012: 
G_TRL is developing the Financing Plan, Investors know what's up, today!!!

It is the perfect moment to invest all you can afford starting Mon, 
November 12! Get $10000 or more on Monday.

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