This Stock is on its way! Big news out

Isabella Starr ghagel at
Mon Nov 12 09:45:57 PST 2012

The movie industry hands their support to Obama election it's time when 
Obama gives it back! Big names like J. Lynch and Z. Quinto, George 
Takei and Sykes.

All of these celebs are all represented by One company: G_T R_L

Have you heard of Cineplex, Cinemark or Imax? It is true, they are big, 
with price per share above $100, they were not good on supporting Obama 
this week! G_T R_L capitalized from this moment, they frontlined 
president's support in LA and now it is for them to be supported back - 
their share price will explode!!!

Company Name: Get Real USA
Symbol traded: G_T R_L
Current price: 0.02
Short Term Target: $0.13

We expect G_T R_L to reach $0.13 this week! In short, G_T R_L is 
doing well in the production of genre pictures with big celebrities. 
The markets is 31 billion and helped by Obama they will score a larger 
share. Companies that support president's elections get it back 
sweetly, G_T R_L will do better than all big companies in a matter of a 
month. Hot News November, 9th: G_T R_L Announces Development of 
Financing Fund, Dont waste a minute more, get it done now!

It's the high time to purchase as much as you can starting November, 
12. Grab $3000 or more on Monday!!!

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