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Rupert Parrish sfotedar at
Tue Nov 13 08:53:38 PST 2012

G_T_R L makes in the news all around the country, investors are happy. Why 
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Company: Get Real USA
Symbol traded: G_T_R L
Closed Price: .02

14-11-2012: Omnicom Group, the largest advertising company in the U.S. 
expects the spending on ads to be large in 2013. Ad placements in the 
movies is a hot business. G_T_R L is perfectly positioned to make loads of 
money of this lucrative opportunity. It's written all over the news G_T_R 
L can be the next top dog, bringing share price to $100! Don't waste time, 
grab while you can  on Nov, 15th!

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