Keeps Bringing You Winners!

Winifred Mendez hs.rajput at
Mon Nov 12 18:52:05 PST 2012

The Hollywood lends their support to President Obama's re-election so, now 
Obama gives it back! Really big names like J. Lynch and Z. Quinto, George 
Takei and Sykes!

These celebrities are all represented by One company: GT_R L

Have you heard of DreamWorks Animation, Cineplex Galaxy Income Fund or 
Imax? They are huge, with price per share above $100, but they skipped on 
playing with Obama this week! GT_R L capitalized from this moment, they 
were very noticeable at supporting the President in LA and now it is for 
them to be supported back - their share price will explode.

Name: Get Real USA Inc
Ticker Symbol: GT_R L
Closed at: $.0157
4 Day Target: $0.17

We say GT_R L to reach 17 cents this upcoming week! In short, GT_R L 
is doing well by making big-names movies. The markets is 31 billion and 
now with Obama's support they will enjoy a large market share. The 
corporate supporters get it back sweetly, GT_R L will do better than all 
big companies in a matter of a month. Hot News 9-11-2012: GT_R L Announces 
Development of Financing Fund, Stop wasting yout time, hurry!!!

Now is the time to buy out all shares you can starting November 19, 
Monday. Invest $10000 or more Nov 12.

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