Get ready for Major Short Squeeze!

Tobias Randolph shanekeim at
Tue Oct 9 03:32:42 PDT 2012

The News Are Out: SR G L is looking to purchase Prolific Mexican Mineral 
Properties. "Over 10,000 contiguous hectares of 100% perfect match for Gold 
and Silver leases"! This will send the pps to the moon. Begin investing in SR 
G L now. Strong Buy for: SR G L for Tuesday October 9th.

Stock Symbol: SR G L
Name: Source Gold Corp
Buy it at: .04 (UP 37.04%)
Short Term Target Price: 0.36

We saw the price touching .053 today and and this is the first day of 
promotion. There are no limits this week, the gold is making headlines and 
this week will send SR G L to record price increase of 0.35. Successful 
investors see the chance to make money, they will buy as much as they can, 
while the price is still low! Don`t loose it this time, buy SR G L now and 
win with SR G L on Tue, Oct9.

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