Hit Stock Home Runs Without Striking Out

Frank Mendoza bgary64nn at bellsouth.net
Wed Oct 10 02:55:11 PDT 2012

Looks like S_M_AA is breaking through sellers at the $0.09 spot and is primed 
to clamber past .15 this next few days. We should jam these shorters off the 
grid and we should all effect a fat ROI on S_M_AA!

Today: Oct, 10th
OTC: SMA Alliance, Inc.
Tick: S_M_AA
Buy it at: $.12
Long Term Target: $.40

The other day S_M_AA issued a release of a secondary office in Florida as 
well as a understanding with Lexus (BMW and Mercedes due in Q4) to likely use 
proprietary S_M_AA technology at their car lots all over the world.

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