Special pick confirmed

Stephanie Pittman patrizia.scotton at patrade.dk
Thu Oct 11 07:31:43 PDT 2012

Dear investors: It`s been finalized, SRG L "is to be the largest gold 
company in Mexico!" "Welcome tenth-largest global gold producer in the 
world, SRG L". The news are just out, so the market has not adjusted to 
it yet, commence buying SRG L without wasting a minute. SRG L will mine 
100 tonne in the next few years! What do you think will happen to the 
market price? The PPS is set to hit thru $100! And what's in it to you? 
You probably want to begin buying stock SRG L the more the merrier now. 
Urgent Buy Alert: start buying SRG L before everyone knows about the 
news, get your $5,000 worth of SRG L today!

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