It could once again Show some Crazy Green Tomorrow

Horace Springer perhat_us at
Thu Oct 11 15:22:54 PDT 2012

Hello Traders:

Today was an explosive trading shift for EWR L we had a high of $0.12 
and at the close we are up 26%. If you placed $10000 you would now 
have $12.6k, tally ho!

Date: Oct 12
OTC: Green Energy Renewable Solutions, Inc.
Symbol traded: EWR L
Last Trade: $0.104
7 Day Target: $.55
Suggestion: Purchase

NEWSWIRE Wed, October 10 (NYSE: EWR L) Green Energy Renewable 
Solutions, Inc. Creates Joint Venture Agreement With eCycling USA

Electronic ewaste is one of the most precipitously growing waste 
issues in the world. Illegal removal of waste creates massive amounts 
of toxic debris being dumped in garbadge dumps and oozing into 
drinking water. ECycling US has been created to tackle these problems 
within the USA, and to provide world class eleftovers and white ware 
reutilizing. This is a proper cause and a great business model!

Blockbuster Deal EWR L Its valuated to get to 0.25 price target. CALL 
YOUR BROKER and TRADE 10000 shrs. Make easily 100 percent in a day! 
Action commences Friday, October 12, 2012.

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