It is Getting Ready to Explode!

August Fletcher andsquit at
Fri Oct 12 02:08:16 PDT 2012

Dear Valued Investor

Today was an explosive trading shift for E W R_L we had a high of 12 cents 
and at the end we are up 26%. If you invested tenthousand dollars you would 
now have $12600, tally ho!

Trade: Oct, 12
Company Name: Green Energy Renewable Solutions, Inc.
Ticker: E W R_L
It is now: $.104
Long Term Target Price: $0.55
Suggestion: Purchase

NEWSWIRE Oct, 10 (NASDAQ: E W R_L) Green Energy Renewable Solutions 
Completes Joint Venture Deal With eCycling America

Electronic ewaste is one of the most fastest rising waste issues in the 
world. Improper removal of e-leftovers produces massive amounts of toxic 
rubbish being dropped in garbadge dumps and leaking into water supplies. 
ECycling America has been formed to address these problems within the USA, 
and to make available world class ewaste and whiteware reprocessing. This is 
a noble cause and a great business model.

MegaPick Deal E W R_L Its valuated to climb to 0.20 price share price. TRADE 
ONLINE and ADD 30000 shres. Make easily 200 percent trading. Activity 
commences Fri, October 12th!

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