We release the Titan!

Nance Valentine cbnz32 at review-fashion.de
Sat Feb 9 21:29:38 PST 2013

In Gold Purchasing, Forget the Metal and Get on Stocks. Stocks of 
leading companies lagged behind the cost of real gold lower than the 
value of gold reserves. The difference is the biggest ever seen, 
analysts inform. By: WSJ

Date: Feb, 11
Traded as: G G_S_M
Currently traded: 0.05
Target Price: 0.25

G G_S_M geological reported on the JV business about 258000 oz of gold. 
If gold to fall to $1500 per ounce, it should be valuated above $386 
mil to G G_S_M! Development price for G G_S_M at $726 per oz, over $205 
mil in gross income. Ghana is embraced for multi-party democracy. Ghana 
continues to mature in its democratic principles. It has large national 
economic improvements and the country is established as 1 of the better 
politically balanced in Africa. Strong Management: Martin Hall is a 
successful, well reputable and celebrated global businessman. On Feb 11 
- ADD G G_S_M up to $.19!!!

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