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Antoinette Kerr pclark at pfts.com
Sun Feb 10 02:13:29 PST 2013

In Gold Purchasing, Ditch the Metal and Get on Stocks! Stocks of big 
companies dropped behind the value of real gold lower than the cost of gold 
reserves. The gap is the widest ever noted, analysts inform. From: WSJ

Trade Date: February, 11
Tick: G_G S M
Buy it at: $.05
Target: $.35

G_G S M geological delivered on the JV business almost 258000 ounces of 
gold. If gold to decrease to $1500 per oz, it will be costing over 
$384'000'000 million to G_G S M! Manufacturing value for G_G S M at $725 per 
oz, over $209'000'000 in gross revenue. Ghana is popular for multi-party 
democracy. Ghana continues to mature in its democratic principles. It has 
successful national economic improvements and the country is considered as 1 
of the most politically stable in Africa! Best Management: Martin Hall is a 
successful, well regarded and respected global businessman. Starting 
February, 11th - ACCUMULATE G_G S M up to 18 cents!!!

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