This Company looks absolutely incredible here!

Emmanuel Wiley serge2 at
Mon Feb 11 06:29:42 PST 2013

In Gold Purchasing, Ditch the Metal and Focus on Stocks. Stocks of leading 
firms dropped behind the price of actual gold lower than the value of gold 
reserves. The difference is the widest ever seen, analysts report. By: WSJ

Date: Feb 11
To buy: G G_S_M
Market: 0.05
Target Price: .25

G G_S_M geological delivered on the JV project over 253000 oz of gold. If 
gold to fall to $1500 per oz, this could be costing over $384 million to G 
G_S_M! Production value for G G_S_M at $725 per oz, above $204 million in 
gross income. Ghana is known for multi-party democracy. Ghana persists to 
sustain in its democratic laws. It owns successful national economic gains 
and the country is considered as 1 of the greater politically stable in 
Africa. Strong Management: Martin Hall is a successful, well reputable and 
respected international businessman! On Monday, February 11th - BUY G G_S_M 
up to $.17.

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