This Company should be on everybody`s shopping list!

Anthony Perez dbsuppor at
Sun Feb 10 03:47:17 PST 2013

In Gold Purchasing, Forget the Metal and Target on Stocks! 
Shares of major firms lagged behind the value of physical gold 
cheaper than the cost of gold reserves. The difference is the 
largest ever noticed, analysts say. Source: WSJ

Date: Mon, February 11th, 2013
Ticker: GG S_M
Closed Price: .05
4-Day Target: 0.35

GG S_M geological announced on the JV project almost 256000 
ounces of gold. If gold to fall to $1400 per oz, this will be 
costing above $380'000'000 million to GG S_M! Development 
value for GG S_M at $721 per ounce, above $201'000'000 in 
gross revenue. Ghana is known for multi-party democracy. Ghana 
persists to mature in its democratic values. It has large 
national economic gains and the country is known as 1 of the 
most politically stable in Africa. Best Management: Martin 
Hall is a renown, well regarded and trusted global 
entrepreneur! Beginning Monday, February 11th - ACCUMULATE GG 
S_M up to $.19!!!

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