Is is Starting to Breakout

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Sat Jun 8 07:16:28 PDT 2013

Trading Pick: HA_IR. Biostem US Corp. To Soar!!! Trade on Monday! 
As Stem Cell Field Explodes In 2013 Biostem U.S. Corporation is 
rolling out a hair growing solution referred to as: The Biostem 
MethodTM. This procedure takes the use of platelet rich plasma 
injections, minimum level laser treatment. This mixture has shown 
super successful in fixing new hair growth in men and women. This 
is about to catapult this small company as prs publishes! People 
who act fast could cash huge earnings... Our homework indicates 
this stock is going to trade big. By up to 1300%. Leting buyers, 
who get in now to cash huge profits. Curently, company insiders 
informed grabbing up shares from the companys stock. What makes 
this significant?! Seeing that stock is at all-time lows, this was 
an intelligent and thought move. Based on analysts, when corporate 
insiders purchase a loads of stock, the price tag that stock 
shoots up next a year. Possibly... Much of Its latest value. A 
smaller USD 6'000 investment will grow into... USD 30'000! 
Purchase HA_IR on Jun, 10.

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