This Stock is set up perfectly for a bounce!

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Sat Jun 8 12:23:18 PDT 2013

Trading Signal: H_A I R! Biostem Corp To Expload!!! Grab on 
Immediately. As Stem Cell Industry Grows In 2013 Biostem U.S. has 
developed a hair growing solution called: The Biostem Method. This 
method incorporates the application of platelet rich plasma 
injections, lowest level laser solution. This combination has 
illustrated hihghly noteworthy in restoring new hair growth in men and 
women. This is going to explode this undervalued stock as news 
spreads. People who buy quick would cash large returns... Our rd shows 
this stock is getting to lift off. As much as 1100%! Allowing brokers, 
who enter in now to rake huge profits. Lately, H_A I R insiders 
reported purchaing up shares of the companys stock. What makes this 
important? Considering that stock is at all-time lows, this was a 
smart and calculated deal. Notified by bankers, when firms insiders 
get a bunch of stock, the price tag that stock grows up next 12 
months. Possibly... Significantly of Its current price. A smaller 
$2'000 purchase will come to... $100`000. Buy H_A I R on Monday, June 

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