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Mon Jun 10 10:28:48 PDT 2013

Purchase Signal: H AIR!!! Biostem Corp To Skyrocket!!! Add on Monday. As 
Stem Cell Field Explodes In 2013 Biostem US Corp is promoting a hair 
growing solution referred to as: The Biostem Method. This procedure takes 
the application of platelet rich plasma injections, minimum level laser 
treatment. This combination has proven highly effective in growing new hair 
growth in men and women. This is about to explode this tiny company as news 
spreads! People who purchase promtly should bank large earnings... Our 
study shows this stock is getting to take off. By as much 500%!!! Granting 
traders, who get involved how to cash serious returns. Recently, firm 
insiders announced scooping up shares with the firms stock. Why is this 
important?! Noting that stock is at all-time lows, it was an intelligent 
and calculated buy. Outlined by gurus, when corporate insiders purchase a 
ton of stock, the cost of that stock grows up over 12 months. Likely... 
Multiple of Its latest cost. A smaller USD 3`000 trade should gonna be... 
$20`000. Purchase H AIR on June, 10!!!

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