Rough Start to a Good Company?

arhipov at arhipov at
Sat Jun 15 10:00:08 PDT 2013

This solid stock is creating a move that could achieve record 
level performing swiftly. The share prices should pop 
lightning speed, and with plenty of big headlines prepared to 
be posted from the management, these valuations are a bargain 
that will definitely not live long! We are broadcasting an 
large trading signal on H_A_I R on Monday, Jun 17th, 2013. 
Remember we able tell pps over the double very quick. The 
opportunity here is unbelievable soon as the industry growth 
in control of on which the organization has in store, big time 
of dollars will be multiplying lot higher. Al is definitely 
pointing to some aggressive trading in the making, that could 
be based on good management that is now accumulating using 
every key moves with the company. H_A_I R uncovered the 
promotion of A. Valdes to move up medical team and educate 
specialists around the Biostem Method of re-growth treatments. 
He start using his center since the state center for upcoming 
Biostem U.S. Corporation affiliates. We expect there is 
several more to be to publish which will surely get share 
prices gaining to record levels. We repeat that you add USD 
34`000 of H_A_I R on Mon, June 17, 2013.

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