Congratulations! New Alert Coming Soon

igor at igor at
Sun Jun 16 03:53:05 PDT 2013

This solid pick is creating a move that could reach top valuation selling 
fast. The share prices will go anytime now, with lots of big developments 
ready to be unleashed through the firm, these pps are a steal which will 
not really last long. We have broadcasting an large investment call on 
HA_I_R on June 17th. Beware we easily tell pps larger than quadruple very 
soon. The potential this is amazing so when the trading growth on top of on 
the the company has in store, large chunk of money going to be growing 
extremely fast. Indicators all definitely pointing with a crazy run in the 
development, that could be supported by great strategy certainly is just 
building taking each key moves from the company. HA_I_R published the 
position of A. V. Valdes to move up medical team and teach doctors around 
the Biostem Method of grow back solution. He to integrate his location as 
the state center for latest Biostem US partnerships. We forecast which is 
lots more to get to publish that will definitely get share prices gaining 
to record levels. We suggest that you buy USD 9000 of shares on Jun, 17.

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