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m.collins at m.collins at
Tue Jun 25 04:12:16 PDT 2013

Amazing Stock Multi-Bagger Alert. Members hurry since H A I R 
is selling for just 21 cent and it is riped to go High. H A I 
R carries a tiny float & a small amount of Outstanding 
shares. We feel H A I R will probably be our Strongest pick 
so far for 2013. H A I R just basically leaked News of a 
European possible expansion which could make this pick go 
PARABOLIC the market hasn't discovered it yet. Members, drop 
what you're doing Right This Moment and pull-up H A I R in 
your level II quotes before it's far too late and you wind up 
getting this. There is lots of recent info regarding to be 
released. Tresses are our newest number 1 choice inside the 
micro cap markets and H A I R shows being the most important 
gainer in a few days from the micro cap markets. We 
anticipate covering H A I R over the week however we presume 
the ones that don't ACT FAST can be chasing H A I R greater 
short-run. (investigating .60) Tresses are trading way 
undervalued at ONLY .22 cents. H A I R reminds us of some 
other sub penny pick we recently covered and gave you that it 
ran 171% within 48 hours. Don't bystand Do it now!

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