In The Green For Actual Gains

alverson at alverson at
Tue Jun 25 13:18:38 PDT 2013

Amazing Stock Multi-Bagger Pick! Subsribers hurry since H_A_I R is selling at 
ONLY 21 cent and is also primed to visit Parabolic. H_A_I R has a tiny float 
& a tiny amount of Outstanding shares. We presume H_A_I R is going to be our 
Major stock so far for 2013. H_A_I R just basically leaked Headlines of an 
European possible expansion which may get this to pick go PARABOLIC however 
the market hasn't discovered it yet. Members, drop what you're doing Right 
This Moment and access H_A_I R on your level II quotes before it's too late 
and you wind up chasing this place. There is lots of new info about to be 
released. Tresses are our new number one alert within the micro cap markets 
and H_A_I R promises to be the very gainer in a few days inside the micro cap 
markets. We intend on featuring H_A_I R in the week however we're feeling 
people who don't ACT FAST find yourself chasing H_A_I R greater temporary. 
(looking at .60) Locks are trading way undervalued of them costing only .25 
cents. H_A_I R reminds us of one other sub penny pick we recently covered and 
gave you where it ran 131% within a couple of days. Don't bystand Buy it now!

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