various thoughts

Richard Coleman
Wed, 23 Apr 1997 02:34:56 -0400

> RC> 4) How ambitious to be.  I'm a big believer in starting small in
> RC> order to get started.  If you set initial goals that are too hard,
> RC> frustation will set in.  A good starting point might be a small,
> RC> minimal Linux distribution with pre-built Lisp (or Scheme or scsh)
> RC> and lots of Lisp pre-installed.
> I don't think much is gained by installing a dozen different
> implementations, that would just reflect the chaos that exists today!
> If some system utilities were written using Lisp, that would be a
> start.  To make this work with Unix, this is really just a matter of
> pushing enough of the Lisp implementation into a shared library.
> (Guile, for one, is already organized this way.)

oops.. I meant to say...  "lots of lisps applications pre-installed".
Having multiple lisps would cause too much chaos...

The goal being that lisp provides that engine so apps can communicate.
Basically Emacs turned inside out...