lispOS and persistent store

Luca Pisati
Fri, 25 Apr 1997 19:33:11 -0700

Richard Coleman wrote:
> Yet another topic...
> It makes sense for a lispOS to have to type of
> built-in persistent store or persistent objects.
> So what are some good ways to do this?  Are there
> any free OO databases out there for Linux?  Or maybe
> wrap a OO framework around postgresSQL?
> A more ambitous option is to write a new filesystem
> for Linux or Hurd (this might also be useful outside
> of lispOS).
> Comments?
> Richard Coleman

I'm just trying to understand what are we trying to do here.

1. A Lisp-Machine (a full featured Lisp based OS, with
   classic OS structure: file-system, network ....),
   running directly on some hardware, or lying on top
   of some kernel.

2. A Virtual Lisp Machine, running on top of existing
   OS and hardware.

3. A Lisp based OS with radically new approaches as
   substituting persistent objects to file system and so on ...

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