lispOS and persistent store

Richard Coleman
Fri, 25 Apr 1997 22:49:37 -0400

> I'm just trying to understand what are we trying to do here.
> 1. A Lisp-Machine (a full featured Lisp based OS, with
>    classic OS structure: file-system, network ....),
>    running directly on some hardware, or lying on top
>    of some kernel.
> 2. A Virtual Lisp Machine, running on top of existing
>    OS and hardware.
> 3. A Lisp based OS with radically new approaches as
>    substituting persistent objects to file system and so on ...

I'm just currently surveying the options and people's interests.
Don't let it worry you too much if I start asking esoteric questions.
I tend to do that.

As to you question, I believe most people are interested in variations
of either (1) or (2).  Options (3) is too ambitious and would probably
never be completed.

If I had to pick a direction now (and ultimately someone will have to do
this), I would narrow it down to this:

1) CMU-CL    (or)
2) scheme48  (or)
3) guile

1) Flux toolkit
2) Hurd

using the native filesytem.  But is would be nice to have a standard
facility for persisten objects available.  There are probably plenty of
free databases that can be used for this.

These are just my current favorites... and could change as research
on this continues...

Richard Coleman