thinking about virtual machines

P. Srinivas
Sun, 27 Apr 1997 08:37:46 -0600

If we want to invent a virtual machine. It migth be a good idea to the
opinions of various people who tried implementing Lisp on existing VM.
For Example Per Bothner @ Cygnus implemented a Scheme on JVM.
Also, there is one VERY useful paper by somebody at MIT who
discusses various problems of Java VM for implementing Lisp like
languages. I read the paper sometime back. I will
dig up the reference if needed. But may of you might already
know/read. It is worth taking a second look.

Also, we should probably not call it Lisp VM. We should invent 
a VM that helps support vide variety of dynamic languages like SmallTalk
etc. Eventually our LISPOS need to support all or some of the
existing languages.