Embedding VMs

Michael Korns mkorns@ix.netcom.com
Sun, 27 Apr 1997 20:32:49 -0700


I understand your point about wanting to "Do it right" and not bring along
useless baggage. 

This is a noble goal, and one which I'm sure you will have luck with in the
future. However, as I've already mentioned. Any effort which is not Web
enabled, or which excludes the Java supporters, etc. would not be of
interest to my company.

> From: Marc Wachowitz <mw@ipx2.rz.uni-mannheim.de>
> To: lispos@math.gatech.edu
> Subject: Embedding VMs
> Date: Sunday, April 27, 1997 11:19 AM
> The idea to create e.g. a direct superset of the JVM is misguided and
> only create useless baggage. Merely because almost everyone gives out
> marketing hype about being a true FOO-supporter (FOO being Java, ActiveX,
> CORBA, or whatever may be the buzzword of the day), this doesn't mean
> we need to let all that mess "design" our system. Let's remember that
> is about easy and powerful embedding - not about hard-wired emulation.
> add a translator from whatever VM you wish to support to Lisp - e.g. a
> compiler from JVM to Common Lisp would be merely tedious work, assuming
> suitable foundations (e.g. you probably want to have direct IEEE floating
> point arithmetic implemented, since software emulation would be too slow
> many cases), which are mostly good to have for a modern Lisp system
> -- Marc Wachowitz <mw@ipx2.rz.uni-mannheim.de>