two co-existing projects

Richard Coleman
Mon, 28 Apr 1997 15:25:29 -0400

Ok... so it seems the list has (more or less) divided into two
camps.  I would hate to see the momentum in the list be killed
because we can never organize ourselves behind a common theme.
But since there seems to be plenty of interest here, I believe
we could have to co-existing projects that would complement
each other nicely.

I believe we need to start talking about specific projects and
organize along those lines.  I'm proposing that the following
two projects proceed in parallel.

1) Group 1 develop a high level virtual machine tailored
   to dynamic languages in general, and lisp/scheme in
   particular.  It would support web or agent based computing,
   and allow some form of JIT translation of Java (without
   necessarily needing to be a superset of the JVM).

2) Group 2 would begin development of a running lispOS.  Using
   an existing virtual machine based Common Lisp implemetation,
   they would strap this directly on the new version of the
   Flux toolkit (due in May).  This group would track Group 1,
   and evolve the lispOS to support the virtual machine developed
   by the previous group.

Richard Coleman