two co-existing projects

Richard Coleman
Mon, 28 Apr 1997 15:58:48 -0400

> I believe we need to start talking about specific projects and
> organize along those lines.  I'm proposing that the following
> two projects proceed in parallel.
> 1) Group 1 develop a high level virtual machine tailored
>    to dynamic languages in general, and lisp/scheme in
>    particular.  It would support web or agent based computing,
>    and allow some form of JIT translation of Java (without
>    necessarily needing to be a superset of the JVM).

Also... I should qualify what I mean here....  By high level VM,
I essentially mean de-sugar-fied lisp or scheme.  Let's use
a simplified form of lisp as our VM.  The should make web
and agent based stuff easy...

Richard Coleman