two co-existing projects

Brent Benson
Mon, 28 Apr 1997 21:39:55 -0400

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Richard Coleman wrote:
> Also... I should qualify what I mean here....  By high level VM,
> I essentially mean de-sugar-fied lisp or scheme.  Let's use
> a simplified form of lisp as our VM.  The should make web
> and agent based stuff easy...

Here is the desugared Scheme/Lisp I usually use for an intermediate
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<expr> ::=
  | <variable-reference>
  | <variable-assignment>
  | <function>
  | <application>
  | <conditional>

<constant> ::=
  | <float-literal>
  | <character-literal>
  | <string-literal>
  | <boolean-literal>

<variable-reference> ::=

<variable-assignment> ::=
  (set! <variable-name> <expr>)

<function> ::=
  (lambda (<variable-name> ...) <expr>)

<application> ::=
  (<expr> ...)

<conditional> ::=
  (if <expr> <expr> <expr>)