two co-existing projects

Mike McDonald
Mon, 28 Apr 1997 18:40:16 -0700

>To: Mike McDonald <mikemac>
>Subject: Re: two co-existing projects 
>Date: Mon, 28 Apr 1997 21:19:19 -0400
>From: Richard Coleman <>
>>   I agree with this. I just don't think CMU-CL is quite ready for our
>> needs yet. I doesn't have threads yet and it hasn't been running on
>> Intel boxes all that long. I'd prefer that we'd wait a while before
>> we'd commit to it. Since ACL is free and robust, we can start a lot of
>> efforts now, especially in the apps area. Once CMU-CL has threads,
>> then we could switch to it. But threads really are nice to have for an
>> OS and the OS services, such as networking, file systems, and
>> windowing system, all need to be thread safe. We can begin those now
>> with ACL.  We also don't have any commitments from the CMU-CL on Intel
>> guys although I'd be surprised if they weren't interested.
>You may be right about CMU-CL, but I'm not crazy about starting this
>with a CL we don't have source for.  Also, if we are going to have to
>add threads to CMU-CL (or whatever we choose), we might as well started
>doing this at the beginning.
>This can proceed in parallel with the other work, but should be
>started at the beginning.
>Richard Coleman

  Right! Someone mentioned that the CMU-CL guys were talking about
adding threads to CMU-CL. Let them do the compiler related things. In
the meantime, we can get busy on our end of things, like the apps,
file systems, network stacks, windowing systems, OS support/needs, ...
There are plenty of other things to keep all of us busy while the
compiler guys do their thing. When they're ready, we switch to CMU-CL.
Maybe we'll have something done by then.

  Mike McDonald