A successful lisp machine?

Reginald S. Perry perry@zso.dec.com
Tue, 29 Apr 1997 17:25:11 -0700

>"Harvey" == Harvey J Stein <abel@netvision.net.il> writes:

> Don't forget that you can spit Java at the web browser to pretty
> much make it do whatever you need of it.  Consider Corel Office for
> Java - a full Java implementation of Wordperfect, Quattro, and a few
> other nontrivial apps.

While this is true, even if I have all of the necessary class files
previously cached, would you rather have the protection aganst you
opening a file built into your word processor or be a part of the
intrinsic properties of a file object. This is the difference between
using a Java application and a Java applet as I am sure you
know. Using the applet works on the Network Computer which has no
local filesystem per-se but we are not trying to build one of
those. So I would want protection to be a property of the object I am
trying to access.