First proposal: what should LispOS feel like?

Don Cohen
Tue, 29 Apr 1997 17:49:43 -0700

  Mike McDonald
    The theory is that all of those OS services should be integrated
  into the lisp environment so that you can monitor, change, replace, or
  fix any piece in the system. You should, according to the theory,
  treat system services just like any other function.
I think this is a big difference between a lispm and a unix box.
If I want to know what files are opened by some program I can 
find out by tracing open.

This could actually be accomplished in a machine running a lisp with a
FFI on top of unix or windows.  Essentially we can replace the system
libraries with calls to lisp functions that initially call the
original system library functions, but can be changed within lisp.
Any foreign code you load into that lisp uses the redefined system
functions that go thru your lisp functions.

This has one advantage over a lispm - there are multiple lisp
processes running in separate address spaces that are protected from
each other.