Graphics system

Fare Rideau
Wed, 30 Apr 1997 12:27:18 +0200 (MET DST)

> No, X isn't necessary for svgalib.
But svgalib is no more developed, supports one nth of what XFree86 does,
is Linux-dependent, etc, so one shouldn't rely on it,
but for things that are satisfied with standard VGA (i.e. games).
   Again, if you want to get rid of X, you should wait for Linux GGI.
And if you want to encourage GGI to come faster,
then you should convince some *BSD and perhaps even XFree people
to join the GGI project somehow.
   In any case, I don't think this is anything prioritary for LispOS.

So again, let's use X *for now*,
be it only by opening a large shared-memory window (see what SELF does)
where we'd do our graphics ourselves...

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