Graphics system

Harvey J. Stein
Wed, 30 Apr 1997 14:27:09 +0300

Fare Rideau writes:
 > > No, X isn't necessary for svgalib.
 > >
 > But svgalib is no more developed, supports one nth of what XFree86 does,
 > is Linux-dependent, etc, so one shouldn't rely on it,
 > but for things that are satisfied with standard VGA (i.e. games).

I wasn't advocating the use of SVGALIB.  I was just pointing out that
it doesn't require X.

 >    Again, if you want to get rid of X, you should wait for Linux GGI.
 > And if you want to encourage GGI to come faster,
 > then you should convince some *BSD and perhaps even XFree people
 > to join the GGI project somehow.
 >    In any case, I don't think this is anything prioritary for LispOS.
 > So again, let's use X *for now*,
 > be it only by opening a large shared-memory window (see what SELF does)
 > where we'd do our graphics ourselves...

As I mentioned earlier, I think we're better off not getting rid of
*anything*.  I want to be able to run all the Linux apps while I run
LispOS, and I'm sure others do too.  And, I think it'll get more
attention if it runs on stock Linux boxes.  The latter requires a)
getting all necessary hooks into the official kernel source tree, and
b) distributing a kernel module for the remaining stuff that needs to
be in kernel space.

Harvey J. Stein
Berger Financial Research