Web-Lisp? Oh no!

Wed, 30 Apr 1997 06:10 -0500

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    Date: Wed, 30 Apr 1997 02:26 CDT
    From: Fare Rideau <rideau@ens.fr>

    The web is a bad joke at both a document specification and
    a document retrieval system (sure better than nothing, though,
    much like a free Unix is better than no free OS).

Which brings up something I've been fantasizing about: we need to
replace HTTP/HTML.  Is anyone interested in devloping a document
specification and transport system that isn't based on some unix
weenie's diseased nightmare?  And hopefully one that could be
"plugged-in" to Internet Exploder/Netscrape so the toothless masses can
adapt easily, and therefore give it a REAL chance to take over the WWW?

The WWW is a neat idea.  Java/HTML/HTTP are a set of festering blisters
on top of a neat idea.  Exploder/Netscrape are maggots feeding on a neat
idea.  We need to have a WWW browser that can run on Joe PC (not
necessarily under SILK) that wins.

If we fight the battle on ALL fronts, we might actually change the
course of the computer industry.

    But again, if we focus on good code and clean design instead of marketing,
    then we shall overcome.

I think you are wrong.  Moreover, I think Symbolics, Thinking Machines,
and Xerox -prove- you are wrong.  Good code and clean design, despite the
best wishes of you and me and millions of other people, simply does -not-
seem to be enough.

As much as I hate the twisted world of marketing, I think it is a game
we have to play in order to win in the Industry.