Portable C library interface?

Luca Pisati pisati@nichimen.com
Fri, 08 Aug 1997 10:24:37 -0700

Thomas Fischbacher wrote:
> Hi there!
> I've written a package that allows me to conveniently interface
> all different kinds of C library routines; main reason to do so
> was the rather braindead C interface of Allegro CL. And though this
> package was written for ACL, I've put some effort in designing it
> in a way so that it can be used with virtually any LISP supporting
> calls to C code and virtually any Unix. (Excluding for example
> GCL(ELF) for Linux, since this can't faslink.)

Do you mean that you wrote an FF encapsulation, in order to
have a different syntax access to it ?

> Though it needs some more testing, first experiments are very
> promising. Next step will be to port it to CMU CL and non-Linux
> platforms (the latter requiring only change of a few constants,
> such as integer size, padding, etc.)
> Clearly, since this package is designed to provide a usable C
> interface portable across many different brands of Unix and
> LISP implementations, and since CMU CL's alien interface is
> among the most elaborate ones, some of the structure provided by
> CMU CL will be lost. On the other hand, my package can do some
> nice and quite unusual things. For example, every C typedef
> has a direct representation.
> Anybody out there who wants to help me with this project?

I'm intersted to know more about what you did.

... and I have a lot of expertience with FF usage ...

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