We're late: new Flux OSKit still unreleased

Jay Lepreau lepreau@cs.utah.edu
Sat, 31 May 97 23:48:10 MDT

I had told some of you we'd have the new oskit out this month, and I'm
here to tell you differently.  It's clear it's just not going to
happen in the 20 minutes left in May.  My apologies.  We have made so
many massive reorgs and changes so recently that two problems exist:
a few nasty problems remain to be worked out, and the documentation is
grossly out of date and missing entire sections.  Our crew here has
been extremely busy; as soon as possible we'll get something out to
you.  It will be days or weeks, depending on how things go.  We will
be aiming to get you something asap that you could start working from
(examples, docs, .h files or more) even if problems remain.  But we're
not quite to that stage yet.

Jay Lepreau
University of Utah, Flux Project