ITS approach to system calls

Dwight Hughes
Sun, 1 Jun 1997 18:17:13 -0500

| From: Reginald S. Perry <>
| Speaking of stack groups, could someone on the list either talk about
| or give some references to stack groups. I am interested in possible
| performance comparisons on multiple processors to current thread
| implementations like Solaris LWP or Digital Unix pthreads. Dual
| pentium boxes are in the range of affordability now and I have been
| thinking about getting on just to play with some of this stuff.
| -Reggie

This might not be exactly what you are seeking, but it should be

Garbage Collection is Fast, But a Stack is Faster -- A.I.Memo No. 1462
  - J.S. Miller and G.J. Rozas, March 1994

-- Dwight