The LispOS Project: a position paper, part 2

Dwight Hughes
Tue, 3 Jun 1997 12:14:53 -0500

| From: Peter.VanEynde <>
| > | I would like option a, but nobody would buy it :-(.
| > 
| > I wonder what could be done these days with a handful of Altera or
| > FPGAs - I've never really known enough about the LispM designs to be
| > to make an estimate. Might be worth a bit of thought -- perhaps a
| > "freeIvory"
| > (well, "cheapIvory", hardware is never free) design on PCI bus cards?
| The problem isn't only the ISA architecture. PCI isn't _that_ nice...
| see the NE2000 PCI clone problems at the moment with Linux... And my
| matrox PCI card has several 100's of registers that all interact. :-(
| Combine that with a reluctance to give out documentation and we get a
| mess. :-(

I was thinking more in the lines of what was done with the MacIvory boards,
using the PC as both a hardware and software host. Just a notion.

-- Dwight