Position & proposal

William A. Barnett-Lewis wlewis@mailbag.com
Wed, 04 Jun 1997 12:37:54 -0500

ET wrote:
> > William
> Agreed, but the multi-user model is good for desigining a processor that
> can be used as a server or have multiple untrusted processes running on it.
>                         ~jrm
Hmmm, this is certainly true, but I guess that a better way of
expressing my feelings might be to suggest that workstation and server
operating systems are, in fact, qualitativly different. Almost all
current operating systems - Linux/Unix, Novell, NT, OS2 -  are really
Network Operating Systems and less than ideal (to me) as workstation
operating systems. Now, _I_ don't plan on running hard real time medical
equiptment or nuclear power plants with the fruits of this project. I do
hope to end up with something I can't wedge as often as I do my 95 box
at home. That's about once a day. Better would be not as often my NT box
at work. That's about once a week. But I am willing to make the Amiga
compromise - slightly less stability as the price for speed, ease of
use, and decent multitasking. Perhaps a multiuser mode could be created
as a module along with ones I suggested earlier?