Publishing Genera doc in HTML (was: About lispOS...)

Luca Pisati
Wed, 30 Apr 1997 10:30:42 -0700

Rainer Joswig wrote:
> At 21:16 Uhr +0000 28.4.1997, Alaric B. Williams wrote:
> >On 28 Apr 97 at 0:16, wrote:
> >
> >> I would appreciate affordable docs about Genera and LispMachine OSes,
> >> or even hardware/software to test drive, as, like most computists,
> >> I could never get my *own* experience on them,
> >> but by incidental testimony, indirect deductions, and fertile imagination.
> >> Direct knowledge would be great!
> >
> >Say, Rainer Joswig's page talked about them a bit, I remember (and he himself
> >has a few, so you can ask!), I can't remember his URL, but I think he's
> >on this *VERY* list, so if he notices this he'll post his URL,
> see some Lisp stuff at
> some bits:
> For some ideas about what a Symbolics is, one could also
> ask Kalman Reti. Sure also Scott McKay and David Gadbois. ;-)
> They know much more than I ever will (I'm only a user.).
> A nice thing to have would be a "Document Examiner to HTML"
> converter. You would put >10000 pages Lisp machine documentation
> online.

Does anybody in this list still works at Symbolics ?

Could the Genera doc be made available in HTML or PDF format
through the Web ?

(Even whitout an HTML converter, Document examiner can print
postcript to files, which can be turned into PDF)

I do have all the books, of course, and I still use them as
a reference of a great technical documentation.

> Get the "Symbolics Technical Summary" from 1985. Other
> old Lispm Docs would be fine, too. Some universities
> or research companies may have old copies for free.
> Get a KEE manual.
> Also, if you find it you may want a copy of "Lisp Lore:
> A Guide to Programming the Lisp Machine", Second Edition, Hank
> Bromley and Richard Lamson, 1987, sigh, ISBN 0-89838-228-9.

I saw it around in some bookshop recently (!)

> The Lisp Bibliography from Herbert Stoyan lists tons of papers
> concerned with Lisp and its implementation.
> I haven't heard any specifics lately, but there may be a
> Lisp Users and Vendors Conference this year in Washington, DC.
> We should have some sessions and exchange some ideas there.
> The Association of Lisp Users (ALU) is preparing a new
> web site. If someone would take up the task to
> collect the information about the LispOS topic, it sure
> would find a good home at the ALU site.
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