Publishing Genera doc in HTML (was: About lispOS...)
Sat, 3 May 1997 22:10 -0400

    Date: Wed, 30 Apr 1997 13:30 EDT
    From: Luca Pisati <>

    Rainer Joswig wrote:
    > At 21:16 Uhr +0000 28.4.1997, Alaric B. Williams wrote:
    > >On 28 Apr 97 at 0:16, wrote:
    > >
    > >> I would appreciate affordable docs about Genera and LispMachine OSes,
    > >> or even hardware/software to test drive, as, like most computists,
    > >> I could never get my *own* experience on them,
    > >> but by incidental testimony, indirect deductions, and fertile imagination.
    > >> Direct knowledge would be great!
    > >
    > >Say, Rainer Joswig's page talked about them a bit, I remember (and he himself
    > >has a few, so you can ask!), I can't remember his URL, but I think he's
    > >on this *VERY* list, so if he notices this he'll post his URL,
    > see some Lisp stuff at
    > some bits:
    > For some ideas about what a Symbolics is, one could also
    > ask Kalman Reti. Sure also Scott McKay and David Gadbois. ;-)
    > They know much more than I ever will (I'm only a user.).
    > A nice thing to have would be a "Document Examiner to HTML"
    > converter. You would put >10000 pages Lisp machine documentation
    > online.

    Does anybody in this list still works at Symbolics ?


    Could the Genera doc be made available in HTML or PDF format
    through the Web ?

It's been on my list of things to do. There was a rumor that someone in Germany
had actually done some working to get the document examiner to output to html,
but both John Mallery and my attempts to contact the revelant party never received
any answer.

    (Even whitout an HTML converter, Document examiner can print
    postcript to files, which can be turned into PDF)

    I do have all the books, of course, and I still use them as
    a reference of a great technical documentation.

    > Get the "Symbolics Technical Summary" from 1985. Other
    > old Lispm Docs would be fine, too. Some universities
    > or research companies may have old copies for free.
    > Get a KEE manual.
    > Also, if you find it you may want a copy of "Lisp Lore:
    > A Guide to Programming the Lisp Machine", Second Edition, Hank
    > Bromley and Richard Lamson, 1987, sigh, ISBN 0-89838-228-9.

    I saw it around in some bookshop recently (!)

    > The Lisp Bibliography from Herbert Stoyan lists tons of papers
    > concerned with Lisp and its implementation.
    > I haven't heard any specifics lately, but there may be a
    > Lisp Users and Vendors Conference this year in Washington, DC.
    > We should have some sessions and exchange some ideas there.
    > The Association of Lisp Users (ALU) is preparing a new
    > web site. If someone would take up the task to
    > collect the information about the LispOS topic, it sure
    > would find a good home at the ALU site.
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