LispOS directly on hardware or on Unix kernel?

Kelly Murray kem@Franz.COM
Wed, 30 Apr 1997 18:15:45 -0700

>there already. It's bad enough that when I use Linux I don't have all
> the apps I want. LispOS will be in a worse situation.

You're right, and running just SilkServer (the web server),
alongside other applications under existing OSs is important.  

SilkOS itself can be running on it's own hardware on the network.
It doesn't have to run all those useful apps, you'll run them on 
your desktop and/or other UNIX machines.
Without SilkServer, SilkOS won't be useful to anyone but Silk hackers.

As you say, after 5-10 years, we've converted enough people to
be Silk programmers and SilkOS has grown to include a ton of
functionality/apps that can really replace UNIX/NT,
then it may truly be possible SilkOS can "replace" UNIX/NT,
for some people anyway, perhaps like a MAC is an alternative to UNIX/NT.
I kinda doubt it, but it's possible.

> And if you are going to keep that ability, let's run it on a standard
> Linux kernel. Maybe you want some more features to submit to Linus,
> but that's probably not a problem.

I think that is clearly the place to start.
And perhaps work on a virtual SilkOS from there.